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turn your dog into an Assistance Dog (PSD)

We train dogs as companions for people with mental disabilities who experience relief through their dog. These dogs work in relationship system and for this reason they must be protected and spared from separation from its humans as well as from negative experiences and trauma, in order to maintain their function for its humans and to be able to fulfill their tasks.

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Since we at VFBB (Association for Bonding and Relationships between Humans and Animals) offer various projects and also web offers, it is very important to provide you with a good path to the offers that are right for you. Hence this page.


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PSD aptitude test

You are basically interested in completing Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD) training with your dog, but you are not sure whether you and your dog are qualified for it.

We have created a short test form that will answer this question precisely for this purpose.

your data

If you want to start your training as a human/animal partner team at PSDeurope and train your dog as a PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog) or Assistance Dog (PSD), we need some information about you and your dog in order to organize the training and issue the necessary certificates and documents.

Use this data transmission form for this purpose.

online therapy

To train your dog as your personal PSD Service Dog or Assistance Dog (PSD), you will need to submit a certificate of need from your doctor or psychotherapist. If you do not have your own contacts, you can book an online therapy session with us. Please visit our store.

PSDeurope WEB Shop

In the joint ESA/PSD Europe webshop you will find the available PSD training programs and the corresponding opportunities. We also offer a selection of suitable harnesses for your PSD dog. This includes samples of appropriate physician or therapy confirmation, as well as a general use letter from our attorney regarding the legal background of our training modules.

PSDeurope WhatsApp Group

If you have booked and successfully completed a Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD) training with PSDeurope, we would like to invite you to join our WhatsApp group. In this group you have the opportunity to share your experiences with other PSDeurope customers, ask questions to the community and share travel reports,

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