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turn your dog into a Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD)

We train dogs as flight companions for people with mental disabilities who experience relief through their dog. These dogs work in relationship system and for this reason they must be protected and spared from separation from its humans as well as from negative experiences and trauma, in order to maintain their function for its humans and to be able to fulfill their tasks.

Basic organization of VFBB with its projects

Organization of VFBB


VFBB stands for Association for Bonding and Relationships in Animal-Assisted Work. The aim of our non-profit association is to promote specific projects that deal with the successful interaction of animals and mentally handicapped people and offer solutions in this problem area.

Current concrete projects are:

  • ESAeurope
    Goal: Emotional Support Animals
  • PSDeurope
    Goal: Psychiatric Service Dog + Assistance Dog (PSD)
    Goal: PSD dog training

VFBB works with various organizations and people to achieve the defined project goals.



Group decision-makers:

Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Board + CEO VFBB

Mag.Dr. Beate Pottmann-Knapp is founder and board member of VFBB. She is responsible for the general management, the strategic conception and the presentation of the group to the outside world. Dr. Pottmann-Knapp is the psychotherapist in charge of the group.

Burkhard Knapp

Burkhard Knapp

Board + CFO VFBB

Mag.Burkhard Knapp is a founding member and board member of VFBB and registered commercial owner of In our group he is responsible for administration, finances and conception of web presentation.

Helga Widder

Helga Widder

Director of

Mrs. Helga Widder is a proven specialist in the training of therapy dogs and other animals, board member at ESAAT and managing director of TAT-Österreich and TAT-WAZ. In the group, she is responsible for and creates training guidelines and scope.

Birgit Jandl

Birgit Jandl

Legal advice

Dr. Birgit Jandl advises the group on strategic external issues and represents them in talks with international organizations, airlines and other stake holders.

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