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turn your dog into an Assistance Dog (PSD)

We train dogs as companions for people with mental disabilities who experience relief through their dog. These dogs work in relationship system and for this reason they must be protected and spared from separation from its humans as well as from negative experiences and trauma, in order to maintain their function for its humans and to be able to fulfill their tasks.

Basic assumptions Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD) training

The concept of PSDeurope assumes that it is not possible to train a Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD) like a normal service dog, independent of the dog owner.

What is behind this assumption?

  • A person with mental disabilities is incomparable to others. There are almost never two or more people with the same disability. An accompanying Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD), as defined by PSDeurope, must therefore be trained to the individuality of the assigned person.
  • The Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD) and its human form a well-rehearsed human/animal partner team that only works together and is not based on pressure or pure training, but on the bond and relationship between the two partners.
  • These sensitive human-animal teams need particularly good cooperation, being able to “read” each other in order to be able to react to the smallest stimuli.
  • General standards for dog ownership cannot and will not work in the mental-psychiatric spectrum of illness.

Our training concept for Service Dogs / Assistance Dogs (PSD) takes particular account of the individual bond and relationship between a person and the dog that suits them best. The joint and coordinated training of humans and animals is the key! The result is a well and reliably trained Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD) that performs specific tasks for its human! As already mentioned, we train dogs specifically for traveling and flying with their humans.

Dr. Beate Pottmann-Knapp

Head of Psychotherapy



  • Trained psychotherapists with experience in animal-assisted work train people
  • Dog trainers with a lot of experience in training therapy and assistance dogs monitor the training requirements for the dog, taking animal welfare requirements into account
  • Both the psychotherapist and the international dog trainer accompany the human/dog team together until they achieve their goals.
  • Psychotherapist and animal trainer jointly certify the human/animal partner team.


We work according to the blended learning principle, tailored to the group of people in our clients.

Our teaching is varied, interactive, dynamic and flexible according to the symptoms of the impairment.

In times of Corona and the associated challenges, internet technology takes over the part of being physically present wherever possible.

We have also created a state-of-the-art e-learning platform to approach the topic of PSD training in a general and comprehensive manner.

The creation of step-by-step videos, participation in coaching sessions and, where necessary and mandatory, live testing complement and complete the training concept.

PSDeurope – Requirements for Service Dog / Assistance Dog (PSD) certification

Psychotherapeutic therapy session

PSDeurope will only allow people to PSD training with their dog if the person demonstrably needs the dog to cope with everyday life.

E-learning platform from PSDeurope

PSDeurope will only issue a certification if the dog owner has successfully completed a specific e-learning course (16.chapter, <100 work areas).

Prerequisite individual task list

PSDeurope will only certify a human/dog partner team if clear, meaningful individual tasks of the dog for its human can be defined in a separate task list discussion.

Prerequisite basic skills of the dog

The basic educational skills of a dog (basic skills) are specified, trained and tested as part of the training. These basic skills are the basic requirement for the PSD certification (e.g. “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come”, and the like)

Special abilities of the dog

PSDeurope expects the trained PSD human/animal teams to move well and safely in different environments and situations (e.g. “travelling”). Appropriate skills are trained and tested.

Testing of skills and knowledge of humans + dogs

The certification of a PSDeurope human/animal partner team will only take place if it is made clear that the defined minimum requirements in the theoretical and practical area have really been learned, are mastered and can be repeated.


time expenditure

In addition to the content-related prerequisites and skills mentioned, a framework schedule for training and theoretical studies must also be set and taken into account as part of the training. The minimum effort expected by PSDeurope is 150 hours over a period of at least 6 months, which you must plan for the training of your dog.

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