Right now Assistance Dog (PSD)  courses cannot be booked due to technical problems. We will inform you as soon as the situation changes again. If you are flying to the USA or Canada, you can book the corresponding PSD (USDoT) training. It is also possible to book therapy sessions (makes sense for US DOT only right now) and task list sessions as well as the ESAeurope IDcard.

Aktuell können unsere Servicedog / Assistence Dog Kurse aus technischen Gründen nicht gebucht werden. Sobald sich die Situation verändert werden wir Sie verständigen. Sollten Sie nach USA oder Kanada fliegen können Sie das entsprechende PSD (USDoT) Training buchen. Möglich sind auch Therapiegespräche (nur für PSD USDoT Buchungen sinnvoll) und Tasklistgespräche sowie die Buchung der ESAeurope IDcard.

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Your first video

PSDeurope Application Form

Please send us your first video with this form so that we can evaluate it. You will then receive feedback from the assistance dog trainer so you know if your type of approach is correct.


Please consider the following assessment criteria from the assistance dog trainer.

  • The dog shows no avoidance behavior (fear) and no or very few signs of stress or appeasement signals
  • The dog does not show aggressive behavior
  • The dog visibly responds to a single mention of the command. The command is clearly visible or audible.
  • The dog is attentive, i.e. the dog’s attention is focused on the leading person (not accepted: Nose constantly on the ground, ignoring the leading person or never looking at him).
  • If the videos do not exactly match the specifications in terms of location, duration or task, they must be rejected. All videos over 1 minute in length will not be accepted unless multiple commados or tasks are combined into one video
  • The videos are shot with a tripod or by a second person. The dog and the leading person must be easily recognizable. Selfies are usually not suitable and often cause a negative rating
  • Dealing with the dog is clear, fair and consistent
  • Assaultive behavior by the lead person, humanization of the dog, or generally insensitive handling should not occur
  • The relationship between dog and human must be good and this should also show up in the video

Your first video
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