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We want to support an incredibly dedicated dog protector and dog and cat rescuer.
After many misfortunes since 2019, Rhonda is at the end of her financial resources with currently 84 dogs and almost 30 cats. From the many items on their list, we have decided in the first step to beautify the poor animals the short run they are allowed to spend during the day according to a strict schedule.
Currently, they can only leak themselves only on hard concrete. The paws of the puppies run sore, the pains of the old dogs with hip and back problems increase.
Relaxation is not possible for the dogs.

We are collecting as an immediate measure for a high quality artificial turf. It should not store heat too extremely, allow rainwater to flow, be easy to clean and have soft turf bristles. We need around $2,500 very quickly.

PLEASE HELP AND BE BIG – according to your financial possibilities.
Read about Rhonda’s incredible accomplishment over the past 12 years: link.

Help our friends in Bali – Read their story

On the right our success through your help

With your help, we were able to finance a state-of-the-art artificial turf carpet for the exercise area, which will significantly improve the lives of all the dogs at Rhonda.


JetSetPetz is a private charity and relies entirely on donations.

Rhonda Lepsch, founder of Bali JetSetPetz, has over 15 years of experience rescuing, raising, rehabilitating and housing abandoned and abused dogs – from puppies to pit bulls.

Bali Jet Set Petz was established in 2011 by Bali Jet Set Dive and Marine Sports (“JSM”) as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. This was in response to concerns about rabies and the large number of stray, sick and injured dogs and cats in the area.

Unwanted puppies and cats, old or sick animals are “dumped” almost everywhere – in temples, garbage dumps, empty fields and JSM parking lot. JetSetPetz strive to find a sustainable solution to the problem in the region. They are also looking for initiatives to teach the community that animals deserve attention, affection and care.

“What we do and what we believe in”.

and “We believe that education, sterilization and vaccination, along with the promotion of responsible pet ownership, are the only way to improve the health and lives of animals in the region, and also to combat the rabies virus. Many poor people in the region love their dogs and cats but simply don’t have the means to sterilize and vaccinate them, as these costs can be as much as 30% of a monthly salary.” Rhonda Lynn Lepsch

To date, the couple has sterilized, vaccinated and cared for over 5,000 animals. Our program is small, but it focuses on improving a specific area and also setting an example for the rest of the island in hopes that others will follow and implement similar programs. We also capture beach and street dogs, sterilize them, vaccinate them and release them.

We also currently have 84 dogs in our care, many of which are available for adoption.

In 2021, we helped 900 animals.

During the Covid pandemic, the diving school (the largest donor) was permanently closed, and due to lack of funds to maintain the equipment, could not reopen. Since then, JSP (JetSetPetz) has relied on donations from kind people and animal lovers who support this program.

PSDeurope has documented the history of JetSetPetz in detail with many pictures. Here is the link:
PSDeurope manages your/your donation and guarantees: 100% for the welfare of poor animals 🍀🤝💝 🐾🔆👍


“Without my dogs my wallet would be full, my house would be clean, but my heart would be empty.”

Rhonda Lynn Lepsch