Right now Assistance Dog (PSD)  courses cannot be booked due to technical problems. We will inform you as soon as the situation changes again. If you are flying to the USA or Canada, you can book the corresponding PSD (USDoT) training. It is also possible to book therapy sessions (makes sense for US DOT only right now) and task list sessions as well as the ESAeurope IDcard.

Aktuell können unsere Servicedog / Assistence Dog Kurse aus technischen Gründen nicht gebucht werden. Sobald sich die Situation verändert werden wir Sie verständigen. Sollten Sie nach USA oder Kanada fliegen können Sie das entsprechende PSD (USDoT) Training buchen. Möglich sind auch Therapiegespräche (nur für PSD USDoT Buchungen sinnvoll) und Tasklistgespräche sowie die Buchung der ESAeurope IDcard.

There is no greater gift than to be able to travel the world with your dog by your side. Burkhard & Beate have gifted me this treasure. As a US citizen, my dog Maddie is certified as a service animal within the states. When I decided to move to Europe, there was no question that Maddie would join the adventures. I quickly realized, when I got to the airport in Portugal to fly to Spain that my letter wasn’t enough for Maddie to sit with me on the plane, they told me she’d have to go in cargo. There was no way I was going to let that happen. 

After weeks of hopeless searches to find a trainer to certify Maddie as a service animal within the EU, I finally found PSDEUROPE. I reviewed their website & emailed to ask if we could hop on a voice call to review my concerns. Burkhard Knapp responded right away, he was extremely kind & offered a FaceTime for a more formal introduction. I had the pleasure of e-meeting Burkhard & his wife Beate who answered all my questions & reassured me it would be possible to travel with my Maddie alongside me once again. 

I studied hard actually had a lot of fun training Maddie (she really enjoyed all the treats too.) Both Beate & Burkhard were always so kind & resourceful to answer my questions along the way. They made a situation that could have been very stressful, extremely stress-free. Within appropriate time Maddie was a certified EU PSD Psychiatric Service Dog. 

I am blessed beyond words for this organization. I have been able to fly with Maddie by my side throughout Europe. We’ve been from Portugal to Croatia, to Germany & Italy & it’s been a wonderful ride every time. The airport staff always loves to see Maddie walking the runway, it makes me so joyful to see their smiles. Maddie makes everyone’s day! Burkhard & Beate are doing Gods work & I am so grateful I found this pot of gold.